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In these Terms & Conditions “we, our, us, DAOM, Design & Online Marketing” refers to DAOM LTD.

Acceptance of terms

By accessing the content of www.daom.co.uk (“the website”), you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out herein and accept our privacy policy. If you object to any of the terms and conditions set out in this agreement, you should not use any of the services on our website and leave immediately.

You agree that you shall not use the website for illegal purposes and respect all applicable laws and regulations. You agree not to use the website in a way that may impair the performance, corrupt the content or otherwise reduce the overall functionality of the website. You also agree not to compromise the website’s security or attempt to gain access to secured areas or sensitive information.

You agree to be fully responsible for any claim, expense, liability, losses, costs including legal fees incurred by us arising from any infringement of the terms and conditions set out in this agreement.


DAOM reserve the right to change any part of this agreement without notice and your use of the website will be deemed as acceptance of this agreement. We advise users to check the terms and conditions of this agreement regularly.

This page was last updated in September 2020.

DAOM have complete discretion to modify or remove any part of this site without warning or liability arising from such action.

Limitation of liability

DAOM will under no circumstance be liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages, including any loss of business, revenue, profits, or data concerning your use of the website. DAOM shall not be liable for any loss to the customer arising from delay in transit caused by circumstances beyond DAOM control.


All intellectual property of DAOM such as trademarks, trade names, patents, registered designs, and any other automatic intellectual property rights derived from the website’s aesthetics or functionality remain the property of DAOM.

By using the website, you agree to respect the intellectual property rights of DAOM & will refrain from copying, downloading, transmitting, reproducing, printing, or exploiting for commercial purpose any material contained within the website.


The information is provided to understand that the website is not engaged in rendering advice and should not be wholly relied upon when making any related decision.

The information contained on the website is provided on an “as is” basis with no warranties expressed or otherwise implied relating to the accuracy, fitness for purpose, compatibility or security of any website components.

We do not guarantee uninterrupted availability of our www.daom.co.uk website and cannot provide any representation that using the website will be error-free.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

All design and development sales are final. In the majority of cases, design mockups are created and approved after a deposit is requested. A detailed contract must be signed and returned with the deposit so that both parties are clear of all requirements before proceeding. A contract may be negotiated before signing but must be adhered to once a signed agreement is complete.

Other custom services are evaluated individually to estimate the total project cost, based on each client’s unique needs.

Printing costs are refundable only if printing error is our fault you accept our refund policy.

Third parties

The website may contain hyperlinks to websites operated by other parties. We do not control such websites, and we take no responsibility for, and will not incur any liability in respect of, their content. Our inclusion of hyperlinks to such websites does not imply any endorsement of views, statements or information contained in such websites.

Browser Compatibility

DAOM support the most common browser types including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. We support the most recent version of these browsers. If compatibility is required with any browser that we do not support, there will be an additional development cost.

Website Hosting

DAOM’s team supports websites on Linux servers; if a website’s hosting is moved from a DAOM server to an alternative server, DAOM may not support the server. When entering into a hosting agreement, unless otherwise specified DAOM retain control of your website’s files to guarantee security and performance. DAOM reserve the right to choose a server hosting partner and retain the ownership of the server. Unless otherwise stated your website may be hosted on a server with other DAOM websites and applications. If DAOM suspects that your website has become in any way compromised, we reserve the right to disable the website until any issues have been rectified automatically.


If any provision of this agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be struck out, and the remaining provisions shall remain in force.

Governing law & jurisdiction

This agreement will be governed by England’s laws and any user of the Website hereby agrees to be bound exclusively by the jurisdiction of UK courts without reference to rules governing choice of laws.

For any questions about these Terms & Conditions, please contact us or call 01253 808551 Mon – Fri 9 am – 5 pm.

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